Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Remember When.....

Oh, I remember the good old days. The days when my little drama queen would throw a raging fit and I could either sit her in time out or bribe her if the timeout thing was not a convenient option. I remember thinking, "I can't wait until she is older and instead of throwing a fit, we can sit down and have a rational conversation about the crisis at hand."

Apparently, that is not what happens in real life. The tantrums are still over minuscule things. There is still crying, screaming, the throwing of ones self to the floor and all of those other fun things. I think the only things that change are the stomps of the feet are much louder, (especially in the upper floor of a building), the doors slam harder, and timeout means absolutely nothing!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Motherhood and Business Ownership Collide

I used to work for an oil and gas company when my children were younger and much more sickly. I hated having to call in because one of the younguns were sick. I would have rather set myself on fire and run through the streets naked than have to call my boss. He would always make me feel so guilty. Guilty for having sick kids. Guilty for having a husband that worked for himself and solely by himself. Guilty for having kids period. I asked him one day who stayed home with his kids when they were younger and sick. He sheepishly answered "Their Mother". Shortly after that I quit my job and went to work with Do it Yourself Guy.

Working with your spouse + lieniency = Perfect Job, right? It all started out ok. I didn't have to call in when the kids were sick, I just rolled over and told him I wasn't going to work. He didn't ever think that I was faking a kids illness to get out of going to the office. Then a couple of years later came the massive lawsuit with a major phone company and I guess the one employee that we had hired got nervous and found another job. I had learned enough about the technical side of the business that we didn't feel like we needed to replace him.

So, here is where the two lives collide. Do it Yourself Guy gets his name because he trusts no one to do things for him. Therefore, he does his own tower climbing, installs, etc. which has him out of the office a good majority of the time so I have no choice but to be at the office. Rain or shine, in sickness and in health, you get the picture.

This morning, I got a call from the Debate Teams teacher informing me that she thought the Debate Team had pink eye. I tried to explain that it was just allergies but she was having none of that so I went and picked her up. Within about 30 minutes, her eyes were completely clear and she had all kinds of energy. I don't mind having the kids up here when they are sick because they sleep the entire time but with the Debate Team wondering around the office and calling my name every 30 seconds to show me something she has drawn on the computer I have gotten very little accomplished (meaning all the blogs that I read faithfully on a daily basis have been avoided today). If I had the lieniency that I thought I was going to have, I could have taken her home and gone about my normal routine, just at a more comfortable location (read: in my recliner wearing my comfies).

She's going to school tomorrow.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Nurturing Soul That I Am

So the Momma Cat has moved her kittens into a closet into the garage. Ok. I can deal with that. I called our vet today to ask for advice on what to do about the situation and she (on the side because she is a friend too) said to load up Momma Cat and the Kittens and take them to the Humane Society. That seems to be the general consensus so I guess that is what is going to happen. I don't like to see any animal going to the shelter but I already take care of 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 chinchilla, 2 turtles and 2 hermit crabs (not to mention 3 kids and one husband), I certainly don't need the burdon of 4 kittens.

The sad part is that I don't really feel that way. If Momma Cat decided that she didn't want to take care of them anymore, I would put my foot down and insist that I care for the kittens until they were old enough to take care of themselves. I guess that is my motherly nature. The way that I convinced Do It Yourself Guy to let me have the Whittle Shit was to tell him that we were either getting the dog or we were having more kids. Granny was really happy to hear that we got a puppy.

Inherintly, I am as self destructive as is Do It Yourself Guy. I need something to depend on me that I can nurture. The kids are getting older and have a life of their own and don't depend on me to fill their sippy cup or wipe their butt (which I don't truly miss)but I do enjoy being the one that everyone counts on. I am not saying that I don't still nurture the kids. I tuck all of them into bed every night, but I miss the cuddling everynight that I used to have.

Saturday night, we watched Flicka and I don't remember a movie that I cried more to than that one. I got a horse when I was 7 and she and I grew up together. When my parents got divorced when I was 10, she was the one that I turned to. I would hop on her and ride around in daze. I did my most important thinking when I was on her back. Nine years ago (almost to the day), she broke her leg in a way that was worse than Barbaro's and had to be put down. I didn't realize that I had not grieved for her until watching Flicka. When the girl said, "It's ok, Dad, you can kill us" I absolutely lost it because that is the way I felt about this horse but never realized it.

Last year, I leased a horse from a ranch in town so that I could teach the kids how to ride, but it was not the same. I just couldn't get lost in the feeling. There is definately something with a connection between an animal and a human but you don't realize it until it is gone. Fortunately or Unfortunately, at the time we had to put her down, I was out of town and had a child that was only 3 months old or I would not have been able to handle the situation.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Bob Barker Is My Hero

For the last couple of weeks there has been a cat hanging around my house. I know the owner and she is somewhat of a friend. I noticed yesterday that the cat had given birth so, I asked her son today how the kittens were doing. He told me that she had the kittens, but they didn't know where they were. A few minutes later my son said he found the cat and her kittens in my shrubs.

This is the second litter of kittens she has had.

I called my friend and told her that he found the kittens and she wanted to come and get them right away. I know enough about animals to know that if anyone touched them too soon the mother would abandon them so I told her to just let them be for a few days. I then asked her if she was going to get the cat fixed when the time came and she responded that she didn't think it was right to have animals fixed. WHAT??? During this same conversation, her 11 year old son grabbed a kitchen knife saying that he knew who the male cat was and he was going to chop him up. Sorry...it's not the cats fault....

I am not sure what to do. I want to pick up the cat and kittens and take them away from the owners and take care of the kittens and then have the momma fixed but Do It Yourself Guy wants to wait a couple of days and call the Humane Society.

Irresponsible pet owners are one of my biggest pet peaves. All of my pets are fixed (with the exception of the chinchilla but there is NO chance of reproduction there, oh, and Do It Yourself Guy...another story(brock, brock, brock!)). There are too many pets that are euthanized everyday to put up with someone that just doesn't care.

***Update***On Sunday, all the kids in the neighborhood were having an airsoft war (wearing protective gear of course)and they stopped for a break in my front yard. Momma cat was walking back to her kittens when the son of the owner lifted his gun and was about to shoot her. I yelled at him to drop the gun. He dropped the gun but started to laugh and said that his mom told him to shoot the cat when she tries to come in the house. I think the Humane Society is becoming a very good idea. Do it Yourself Guy called me this morning and said that she has moved the kittens into the garage. Great.